How well is your country doing on policy for secondary use of health data?
Better health systems
Secondary use of health data can play a crucial role in improving health systems.
It has the potential to:

  • Make health systems more sustainable and equitable
  • Improve patient care
  • Transform our ability to diagnose diseases earlier, treat them more effectively or even prevent them from occurring
  • Enable physicians to make more timely, confident therapy decisions
  • Help governments make reliable decisions on their investment in healthcare and health systems
  • Support personalised healthcare throughout the entire patient journey
  • Develop new and more effective therapies by training AI systems using data from past clinical trials
Use this interactive tool to look up the policy readiness of countries across Europe for the secondary use of health data, and identify good practice across the region.

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Country policy readiness
The ODI report, commissioned by Roche, contains analyses for the European Commission (EC) and for 29 countries in the European region: 25 EU member states, and Israel, Norway, Switzerland, and the UK.

The report benchmarks the policy environment of each country and of the EC, and provides rankings, country scorecards, in-depth country profiles, and a library of good practice highlights.

It also identifies policy opportunities, policy needs, and ways forward for a wide range of communities, ranging from patient groups to competition regulators, to collaborate together to improve the European health data policy environment.

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